The mission of WinterTrade

Our mission is the local and international sales and distribution of canned food products produced in Hungary and the surrounding countries. We are dedicated to proving that WinterTrade Plc stands for Reliability, and our brands and represent Quality.

Welcome to WinterTrade!

WinterTrade supplies a powerful portfolio of products including fruit & vegetable, meat, and ready meal canned products to local retailers as well as international retail chains, HORECA, and the food processing industry  worldwide.

Our company was set up in 1991 as Winter & Konjin Hungary, initially working with a Dutch partner as a joint venture, until our separation in 2003. We focus on the combination of production, sales and marketing. Our main activity is to monitor and control the production of several medium-scale canneries by providing technology and QC advice as well as financing raw and packaging material. The products are sold either under our brands or as private label depending on the actual market demand.

QC and Traceability are key concepts in our operations in line with the  ’From farm to table’ phylosophy. Our 30-year succsess can be contributed to the low operational costs and our sophisticated logistic solutions. Continously monitoring and controlling our products to meet the highest local and international quality standards is our first and foremost priority. All of our production facilities are IFS/BRC audited, and we are there to check the Critical Control Points of production stated in the HACCP protocol.


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